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                             SCREEN PRINTING Tees4u

Tees4u is a London Based  custom screen printing.

Our professional print shop staff screen prints thousands of garments every day

and we would like to put our expertise to work for you.

Screen printing is not new, but rather actually one of the first forms of printing.

The process essentially is passing ink through a stenciled mesh material on to the surface

of a garment or other item to create the “screen printing”.

The most common items we screen print are T-Shirt and sweatshirts,

but there are hundreds of other items that we have screen printed in the past.

Tees4u has top of the line equipment to produce quality screen printing results.

We can print 1,000's screen prints in a day. Better than the equipment,

our professional Screen Printing Tees4u staff is both experienced and well trained to produce 

quality results for our customers’ custom designs.