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                                             Direct To Garment (DTG) Technique:

Next on the line, we have Direct to Garment t-shirt printing method. Abbreviated as DTG, this is a relatively new technique in t-shirt printing industry.

It involves printing onto your garment directly- the T-shirt. If you don’t have a clue how that works, imagine a large flatbed printer where your t-shirt is fed on its conveyer belt, and it gets printed on.

For a complete DTG setup, you’ll require a DTG printer. Because this printer is quite expensive, this is not a good at home option. But if you’re planning to print a lot (and I mean a lot) of t-shirts, and want to do one-offs faster, DTG is the way to go!

The quality of DTG end products is excellent (but not as good as that of screen printing). You’ll obtain a soft print, which you can do in multiple colors. It works best on white garments. It can also work on a darker t-shirt, but the process is pretty challenging and will require some learning curve.


  • ​Offers you full-color printing
  • Supports one-off designs
  • Low cost per item printing
  • ​Soft, professional finish


  • A bit slower for mass productions compared to screen printing
  • Consumes a lot of space
  • High initial cost